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Going away on vacation January 6, 2008

Since the holiday season has just passed and more vacations are coming up…slower than they should be…I believe it is time to talk about what to do with your pets when you go on vacation. Of course, the ideal situation would be to take your pet with you. Maybe you own a house somewhere, so are able to do that. Or maybe you’re really cool and go to hotels where pets are allowed. Having trouble finding a pet hotel, sitter, or kennel? Use the link below:

If those options aren’t available to you, what do you do? What my family used to do is we would hire a trusted neighbor who wasn’t going on vacation to come to our house three or four times a day. They would feed, take out, and play with them and in return they would be payed well. This was the perfect situation until we found a better one. Our breeder whom we got our puppy from takes care of a certain amount of dogs whose owners have gone away at a time. We reserve our spot and, like magic, our puppy becomes a part of a humongous happy dog family. She almost didn’t want to leave!

The point of this article: most kennels do not treat dogs as well as they could. Dogs feel lonely and anxious and can harm themselves by chewing on their legs, butts, etc. When you go on vacation, your pet deserves to go on vacation, too!


To give or not to give December 17, 2007

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Many people are contemplating whether or not to purchase presents for their pets this holiday season. I, for one, think that this answer is completely obvious. Some people say, well, they don’t know the difference. They don’t care.

And maybe they have a point. Sure, your pet may not know the difference if they get a present or not. But, really, they do deserve it. Not to sound corny, but they give you gifts all year round. Who else is always there for you when you are down? Who can you feel completely comfortable around even if you are stark naked? Who makes sure you get up in the morning? Who snuggles up with you on the couch and gives you someone to baby talk with? The holiday season is a time to show people, or pets, that you care about what you do for them all throughout the year. And the holiday season is the perfect time. Whether it be a new bed or a new bone, a simple gift can show your pet that you appreciate what they do for you.


Being safe around the Holidays

Now that the holidays are breathing down our necks it is time to think about how to make sure our pets do not get hurt in all of the hustle and bustle of the season. Here are some rules that you should follow:

1. When buying a Christmas tree, if at all, make sure that your pet does NOT drink the water from the tree’s holder.

2. Keep ornaments off the first few branches. I learned this the hard way, my puppy managed to start eating an ornament.

3. Keep the lights off the first few branches. I have a friend who’s puppy started eating one of the bulbs.

4. Keep all wires away from the ground. Pets can, and will, chew on them.

5. If your pet likes to chew things, keep all presents out from under the tree until necessary. You really don’t want to be handing someone a chewed up sweater.

6. Make it clear to not feed the pets at holiday parties. Everyone will want to, thinking they are the only one. More often than not, pets get sick this way.

Hope you keep these tips in mind and have yourself a safe, happy holiday.


More Living with Puppy December 16, 2007

Since the last time I posted all of the things I enjoy about my puppy I thought I would continue. I believe people enjoy reading this because it helps them relate to their own pets and makes them realize how wonderful they are. If you can not realize that, then you need to spend more time with your pets.

More reasons why I love my puppy:

How she has officially reserved a place on the couch. You must move from it or you will become part of the couch.

The way she always manages to get water all over the floor from her bowl even if she has only drunk two sips.

The way she growls at me when I come from downstairs with a towel on my head because at first she doesn’t recognize me.

How she chases my snowballs and gives them a good long look when they splatter on the ground before running back to do it again.

How she can always manage to get her way into the bathroom when you’re going…not always the best.

How she will sometimes will be running around and suddenly stop and look at one point in the room fixedly for a long period of time. The spot is usually the one by the kitchen table that my deceased dog always sat at. I think that my old dog is there, watching her.

How she always manages to eat dirt even if there is a foot of snow covering everything.

How she talks to you when you are cooking by moaning, making throaty noises, etc.

As you can see I love my puppy very much and spend a lot of time with her. It is crucial for you to spend time with your pet, especially when they are in their developmental stage. Animals are just like people and have to be shown love to love back.


The cat’s out of the bag December 11, 2007

This morning-as well as my puppy eating an ornament and having diarrhea-my cat escaped from the house. He does this every once in a while. I can see why. If I was cooped up in a house with a insane puppy I would want to leave every once in a while, too. Yet, this time was different. First he hid under our deck, all the way in the back. This is usually his first, and last, hiding place. We tried the usual trick of shaking the cat treat bag. Nothing. Then we put some tuna in a bowl. Nothing. This is always as far as we had gotten. He always came in. And this time he wasn’t! Then, to our suprise, he sprinted out from under the deck and moved far under a pine tree. There was no way we could reach him! I tried the tuna and he came a little bit closer this time. I reached out to grab his collar and he sprinted back under the tree, far out of my reach. Then, he moved under another pine tree! I knew I needed another tactic.

So, I headed inside and got a little bit of dog food and put it into a container. My cat adores dog food! Yet, even for the sound and smell of the shaking dog food he would not come. So, I did what I did when it got bad. I went inside and waited. Around 5 minutes later I went outside and saw him on the very edge of the line between pine tree and grass. He seemed to be hovering, waiting for a sign of what to do. Then, seeing me, he did a feat of athleticism I thought would not be possible for a 7 year old cat. He went off at a sprint, leaped through a slat in my deck, and ran inside.

I am hoping that he isn’t going to really escape forever one day.


Frenching the pooch

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I just had a very important first.

I shared my first french kiss with my puppy! (Hopefully not one of many.) Okay, not so great, but it was still very funny. I love just kissing her nose and her ears. And when you talk next to her ears she grunts. It’s adorable! Then I kissed her nose and-pop-there goes her tongue licking in my mouth. It was kind of gross but it tickled and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Let’s just hope we don’t have a very intimate relationship. 🙂


An ornmental affair December 9, 2007

I had an interesting morning. This morning my puppy pooed all over her crate! She had diarrhea, again. I’m sorry, but cleaning up poop isn’t the best way to wake up in the morning. Later, when I was cleaning up from baking cookies the previous night, I heard a crunch. What did she do this time?

I went into the living room and what did I find? Shards of ornament all over the carpet. I freaked out, thinking she had cut her mouth or her body, etc. Yet she remained unharmed, calmly watching me as I cleaned up the pieces. Even Houdini  couldn’t eat an ornament and remain unharmed! How does she do it?