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Emergency room November 4, 2007

Filed under: Grief and death,pets,Uncategorized — Irish chick @ 9:48 pm

My golden retriever had to go to the emergency room today. She was my first pet and is currently ten years old. She  supposedly has fluid in her lungs and an irregular heartbeat. I always appreciated her-she is the epitome of a perfect pet, sweet and docile, big doe eyes and a playful manner when appropriate. Yet all day I have been worrying. I always believed she would live to be twelve, even thirteen. But now they say she might not make it to her birthday, which is in less than a month. I’m in so much pain and my being is filled with bitter regret. We recently bought a puppy, believing it would bring our dog new life. Yet ever since she has gone down hill. Lacking attention, she scarcely moves, no matter how hard we try to sway her. She even refuses to go on walks, a previous favorite pastime. She is staying overnight in the emergency pet clinic and I won’t see her until tomorrow afternoon. I’m so worried about her and hope she’s not in pain right now. I really love her and I hope she knows it.


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