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Living with puppy December 6, 2007

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Now that our other dog has passed away from cancer my eyes have now opened to the amazing puppy I have. She is everything to me now that I have begun the process of getting over my deceased dog. I am noticing everything about her. Below is a tribute to everything I love about her. I hope you can notice as many of these things about your pets. If not, perhaps you need to have some TLC time with them

How soft her ears are-like baby duck fluff

How she snores when she goes to sleep.

How she dips her paw delicately in the water before she goes in to test the temperature. If it’s too cold, forget it.

How she looks sadly after me when I am leaving.

How happy she is to see me when I get back.

How she randomly makes random happy moaning noises.

How she always puts her head on the arm of the couch when she is watching TV with us so she can see.

How she always has a place on the couch no matter what.

How she acts like a heating pad on top of you when you’re cold.

How she always manages to escape the kitchen and manage to rip a nose off a stuffed animal in the split second it takes for us to catch her.


6 Responses to “Living with puppy”

  1. 4urpets Says:

    I appreciate all of that and then some more…too numerous to mention.

    What kind of a puppy did you get? I have three Chihuahuas. Tinky is my youngest female. Her picture is to the right of my comment.

  2. rusty Says:

    Hello, This is Rusty’s mom. I am so sorry about the loss of your faithful friend. The memory and love of your friend will live in your heart and luckly there is always more love to give, as you are giving to your new puppy! She sounds sweet.

  3. puppymom Says:

    Your puppy sounds a lot like my puppies – even though they are really getting to be adolescents now and are almost fully grown, they are still puppies to me with their velvety ears and their never-ending playful energy. I hope this puppy gives you much joy and that you are able to reflect that joy back to her.

  4. Prof. J. Says:

    My girls like to rip noses off of stuffed animals, too. I wonder what it is about the noses.

  5. Gina Says:

    I like your blog because I love my two Chihuahuas.

  6. Irish chick Says:

    Thanks to everyone who responded to this…I might follow up with some more.

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