It’s a Jungle in Here

Living with animals

The cat’s out of the bag December 11, 2007

This morning-as well as my puppy eating an ornament and having diarrhea-my cat escaped from the house. He does this every once in a while. I can see why. If I was cooped up in a house with a insane puppy I would want to leave every once in a while, too. Yet, this time was different. First he hid under our deck, all the way in the back. This is usually his first, and last, hiding place. We tried the usual trick of shaking the cat treat bag. Nothing. Then we put some tuna in a bowl. Nothing. This is always as far as we had gotten. He always came in. And this time he wasn’t! Then, to our suprise, he sprinted out from under the deck and moved far under a pine tree. There was no way we could reach him! I tried the tuna and he came a little bit closer this time. I reached out to grab his collar and he sprinted back under the tree, far out of my reach. Then, he moved under another pine tree! I knew I needed another tactic.

So, I headed inside and got a little bit of dog food and put it into a container. My cat adores dog food! Yet, even for the sound and smell of the shaking dog food he would not come. So, I did what I did when it got bad. I went inside and waited. Around 5 minutes later I went outside and saw him on the very edge of the line between pine tree and grass. He seemed to be hovering, waiting for a sign of what to do. Then, seeing me, he did a feat of athleticism I thought would not be possible for a 7 year old cat. He went off at a sprint, leaped through a slat in my deck, and ran inside.

I am hoping that he isn’t going to really escape forever one day.


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