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Living with animals

More Living with Puppy December 16, 2007

Since the last time I posted all of the things I enjoy about my puppy I thought I would continue. I believe people enjoy reading this because it helps them relate to their own pets and makes them realize how wonderful they are. If you can not realize that, then you need to spend more time with your pets.

More reasons why I love my puppy:

How she has officially reserved a place on the couch. You must move from it or you will become part of the couch.

The way she always manages to get water all over the floor from her bowl even if she has only drunk two sips.

The way she growls at me when I come from downstairs with a towel on my head because at first she doesn’t recognize me.

How she chases my snowballs and gives them a good long look when they splatter on the ground before running back to do it again.

How she can always manage to get her way into the bathroom when you’re going…not always the best.

How she will sometimes will be running around and suddenly stop and look at one point in the room fixedly for a long period of time. The spot is usually the one by the kitchen table that my deceased dog always sat at. I think that my old dog is there, watching her.

How she always manages to eat dirt even if there is a foot of snow covering everything.

How she talks to you when you are cooking by moaning, making throaty noises, etc.

As you can see I love my puppy very much and spend a lot of time with her. It is crucial for you to spend time with your pet, especially when they are in their developmental stage. Animals are just like people and have to be shown love to love back.


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