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The cat’s out of the bag December 11, 2007

This morning-as well as my puppy eating an ornament and having diarrhea-my cat escaped from the house. He does this every once in a while. I can see why. If I was cooped up in a house with a insane puppy I would want to leave every once in a while, too. Yet, this time was different. First he hid under our deck, all the way in the back. This is usually his first, and last, hiding place. We tried the usual trick of shaking the cat treat bag. Nothing. Then we put some tuna in a bowl. Nothing. This is always as far as we had gotten. He always came in. And this time he wasn’t! Then, to our suprise, he sprinted out from under the deck and moved far under a pine tree. There was no way we could reach him! I tried the tuna and he came a little bit closer this time. I reached out to grab his collar and he sprinted back under the tree, far out of my reach. Then, he moved under another pine tree! I knew I needed another tactic.

So, I headed inside and got a little bit of dog food and put it into a container. My cat adores dog food! Yet, even for the sound and smell of the shaking dog food he would not come. So, I did what I did when it got bad. I went inside and waited. Around 5 minutes later I went outside and saw him on the very edge of the line between pine tree and grass. He seemed to be hovering, waiting for a sign of what to do. Then, seeing me, he did a feat of athleticism I thought would not be possible for a 7 year old cat. He went off at a sprint, leaped through a slat in my deck, and ran inside.

I am hoping that he isn’t going to really escape forever one day.


Mourning cat December 9, 2007

Our rag doll cat has been grieving for our dog who passed away for quite some time. You can tell that he is upset. First off, he doesn’t meow as much as he used to. Also, he is spending much more time in the basement. He stayed away from our puppy for a long time, too. Whenever I returned home  he would usually be at the door, companionably waiting for me. Yet now, if he’s at the door at all, he’s waiting to go try and escape. (He is an indoor cat. If he goes outside he hurts his paws.)

I think he is starting to feel better now though. He has begun to play with my puppy, and apparently he is sleeping with her sometimes. He used to do that with my dog who passed away. Also he is sleeping with me again. Maybe that’s just because of the change in weather. He used to be such good friends with my deceased dog. They would eat together, sleep together, play together. I’d never seen such good pet companions, period. Hopefully he and my puppy can become as close as they were. For both of their sake. They need a good friend.

We’ll see how it goes.


Getting over the Grief November 27, 2007

Time has past since we put my dog down. The wound is getting shallower and is beginning the process of healing. Yet there will always be a scar. Every so often it will be cut, the blood of memories coming back. Regular life has continued for me yet sometimes an occurence reminds me of her and a shadow falls over me. Simply the word dog written in the pages of a book or seeing a tennis ball lying in the corner of the room reminds me of  whatonce was. Yet, the more apparent things such as a commercial with dogs in it or seeing someone walking a dog that looks like her makes me smile. It’s better that way, remembering the good that was. I took videos of my dog before she passed away. At first I refused to delete them. But now I think I’m starting to be ready, and I’m not watching those videos as much now, oftentimes not at all. As time passes I realize she is so much happier now, without pain, and in her death so many lessons can be learned. The small things that make me frusrated sometimes slip my mind when I remember that there are much worse things that can happen. I also take much more time with my puppy, enjoying her company greatly. I want her to be just as sweet as my deceased dog was. I don’t want to feel guilty when she goes, in the far future, that I didn’t spend as much time with her as I could have. It’s better this way.

It’s better this way.

I keep telling myself that, and soon, I hope, I’ll truly believe it.


Putting your dog down November 9, 2007

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Well, the time finally came. My golden retriever, who had cancer in both her lungs and her kidney, started finding it very difficult to breathe. It was too much of an effort to even eat after she had just stood up. We decided that night that in the morning it would be time to put her down. It was the saddest decision of my life. All night we were just petting her, crying, and reminissing of all the times we’ve had together.  Her eyes were wide and lost. We knew she understood, though.  That night two of us slept with her in the living room, bursting into sobs every couple of minutes. We stayed up fairly late and when I woke up in the morning a time had been set to put her down at ten thirty. I went upstairs to cut some stuff out of magazines, clean my room, get ready, anything to pass the time and forget. Yet then the time was changed to 9:40.

I went downstairs when the floor was empty to talk to my dog alone. We all were just talking to her now-you’d be surprised how much you really want to say to your dog.  I told her how she’d feel all better in heaven.There would be so many hot dogs and all of them would want to meet her. She could go swimming all the time, anywhere she wanted. She wouldn’t have to eat diet food any more. And then, it was time to go.

The car ride was horrible. All I could do was lean over into the back of the car and stroke my dog and she huffed from being carried into the car. Everyone was crying including me. The ride seemed to take forever yet then seemed so short as the car pulled into the veterinary parking lot. Two people came out to greet us, avoiding our red puffy eyes. One of them was an awkward pale skinned teenager, probably not much older than I. They muttered how sorry they were-the girl was much more sincere. The boy didn’t really know what to do and I felt sorry for him. He does not want to see this family mourning over their soon to be dead dog. Carefully they rolled her onto a stretcher and brought her into a back room. They told us not to worry, they were just getting the IV in her, she would be fine when she came back into the room. Then it began.

Everyone was very quiet around the room we were in. I wish they were louder-they could hear us all crying. The same girl came in to give us some paperwork, get the credit card for payment, and hand us a very large box of very soft tissues. I laughed through my tears because of the tissues and also because of the fact that we’re paying to have our dog killed off. But maybe that’s just me. Then a kind woman came in and gave us a blanket that was set upon the floor. Then, slowly, the door opened and my dog was lifted through, huffing again. She was laid down upon the blanket and for a moment she sat up and looked normal again. She always loved the smells of the vets office. Yet this tired her and she lay down again, huffing rapidly. They gave us a good 15 minutes or so alone with our dog. We talked to her and pet her, lying with her on the floor. Time went quickly, every five minutes was a second. And then came the needles.

 The vet explained what was going to happen. She was first going to sedate our dog so she couldn’t feel anything. Then she would give her an anesthetic. Finally, the drug that killed her. She said it would go by quickly, which made me feel like crying again. Time was going so quickly already. She moved the box of tissues towars us and stuck the sedation in the IV in our dogs leg. I pet her soft fur, vowing to remember everything about it. I took in her body and her eyes, her soft ears. Then her body began to go limp. I gave myself a small laugh, she looked comical for a moment as she brought up her head. She was probably confused. Then she rested her head on her paw. Then came the bad part. Her eyes started to roll up. Then came the second part. I’ll always remember this. Her head just slipped off her paw, all control gone, and hit the floor. I cried again. It was like she was dead although she was still breathing. And then came the killing shot and she was gone. Her body limp, her heart stopped, we all just hugged her, crying. As I type a tear trickles down my face. The woman left and we all just cried and cried. and then it was only me, the one who never cries, just sobbing and sobbiing. Taking in her lifeless body. And then we left and I know I’m never going to see her body in full form again. Only in ashes.


Update on my dog November 5, 2007

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Well, now I finally know what’s up with my dog. She has cancer and is dying. Dying. I almost cry every time I think about her, but I’m trying to act nonchalant around my friends. I just….she has been so sweet to us. Constantly I’m feeling guilty that we even decided to get a puppy. She is tearing away her energy and stealing away precious moments that could be spent with my dog. I love my puppy, don’t get me wrong. But lately my dog needs love more. she could die any moment, any day, any week now. she only has a few months at best, a day at worst. That’s an estimate? Every second is precious and they give me THAT? A time span of MONTHS? She is coming home today. I’m frightened.


Emergency room November 4, 2007

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My golden retriever had to go to the emergency room today. She was my first pet and is currently ten years old. She  supposedly has fluid in her lungs and an irregular heartbeat. I always appreciated her-she is the epitome of a perfect pet, sweet and docile, big doe eyes and a playful manner when appropriate. Yet all day I have been worrying. I always believed she would live to be twelve, even thirteen. But now they say she might not make it to her birthday, which is in less than a month. I’m in so much pain and my being is filled with bitter regret. We recently bought a puppy, believing it would bring our dog new life. Yet ever since she has gone down hill. Lacking attention, she scarcely moves, no matter how hard we try to sway her. She even refuses to go on walks, a previous favorite pastime. She is staying overnight in the emergency pet clinic and I won’t see her until tomorrow afternoon. I’m so worried about her and hope she’s not in pain right now. I really love her and I hope she knows it.