It’s a Jungle in Here

Living with animals

School stories December 9, 2007

My English teacher went on pregnancy leave a while ago. I was devastated, she was my favorite teacher. All of my others are gray haired and can’t understand the way students process. The long term substitute has very good credentials-went to an Ivy league school, has two degrees, (I think,) and some other yada yada. Yet we have done positively nothing in the past months! Girls have been painting their nails, drawing pictures, listening to their ipods, etc. It’s horrible! English is my favorite subject and all it is now is social time. I mean, sometimes it’s nice to go from a stressful math test to a whole period of chatting and doing nothing but other times when I’ve had a blah day I want to do something! Write some poetry, read a challenging book. All the assignments he gives us we could all do at home in about ten minutes. Or we can easily get out of doing them at all. Or they are do in five days time for one sheet of work. Sometimes it’s bliss, others it is torture. I can’t sit there every day and listen to those kids making stupid jokes, dancing, and pretending to have sex with the dork in the class. You know those kids. The ones who wear the skimpy clothes, who everyone talks to in the hallway blocking your locker, and who are so stupid they can’t pronounce arrogant.

And the thing is, he SEES this. He is no normal sub where you do things behind their oblivious back. One kid put an ad for some sexual lotion or whatever on this poor kids desk. When he picked it up he went, “EW, gross, what IS this?” Only after about ten minutes of hysterical laughter does he pick it up. Then…he LAUGHS and throws it out. That’s it. So many times these kids should have gotten into trouble. Like when they are pretending to have sex with an inanimate object. But nooo. He does nothing. And for now that’s all it will be. Nothing.

I wonder what will happen when my old English teacher gets back.


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