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Living with animals

Being safe around the Holidays December 17, 2007

Now that the holidays are breathing down our necks it is time to think about how to make sure our pets do not get hurt in all of the hustle and bustle of the season. Here are some rules that you should follow:

1. When buying a Christmas tree, if at all, make sure that your pet does NOT drink the water from the tree’s holder.

2. Keep ornaments off the first few branches. I learned this the hard way, my puppy managed to start eating an ornament.

3. Keep the lights off the first few branches. I have a friend who’s puppy started eating one of the bulbs.

4. Keep all wires away from the ground. Pets can, and will, chew on them.

5. If your pet likes to chew things, keep all presents out from under the tree until necessary. You really don’t want to be handing someone a chewed up sweater.

6. Make it clear to not feed the pets at holiday parties. Everyone will want to, thinking they are the only one. More often than not, pets get sick this way.

Hope you keep these tips in mind and have yourself a safe, happy holiday.


An ornmental affair December 9, 2007

I had an interesting morning. This morning my puppy pooed all over her crate! She had diarrhea, again. I’m sorry, but cleaning up poop isn’t the best way to wake up in the morning. Later, when I was cleaning up from baking cookies the previous night, I heard a crunch. What did she do this time?

I went into the living room and what did I find? Shards of ornament all over the carpet. I freaked out, thinking she had cut her mouth or her body, etc. Yet she remained unharmed, calmly watching me as I cleaned up the pieces. Even Houdini  couldn’t eat an ornament and remain unharmed! How does she do it?